Stunning VIP Lounge - Genoa, Italy


17th January 2023
In the heart of Genoa lies Arata Service VIP Lounge. A space created with one goal – to provide an environment where clients truly experience how technology in the home can elevate the way we live, learn, work & play. Upon meeting Fabio and Gianluca and the Arata Service team, we were blown away with the series of environments where the simplicity of technology and design working in complete harmony to present what a true home of tomorrow can achieve.

The “Home of Tomorrow” experience was created so that designers, architects, builders and clients can see and experience the endless possibilities when technology meets design whilst keeping the technology element almost invisible to fully compliment the stunning interior design.

Our idea is simple and focused: speed and efficiency, guaranteeing you that your project is correctly completed, on time and on budget. Explains Fabio & Gianluca.

To experience Homes of Tomorrow, get in touch with Arata Services and book your visit soon:


Home technology systems are all about engineering and using high quality building blocks. Very similar to how architects select materials to create their designs. Our fine selection of technology building blocks allows us to partner with some of the best installers of technology.

Mixing performance and design Artcoustics loudspeakers are based around a unique modular format. Whether you are creating a private cinema or open living room space, Artcoustic can provide a personalized solution that fits your requirements. If good enough, simply is not good enough.

Making good sound great. Audiocontrol builds superb audio electronics. Processors and amplifiers that deliver power and finesse.

The preferred complement to any high-performance loudspeaker.

Services & Tools

As a B2B engineering company with a product offering we offer our partners a number of unique services and tools. Our mission is to simplify and beautify every home technology project we are involved with. From the first experience over to the engineering and installation all the way through the aftercare.

Here are some of the tools and services:

We have team members and software tools available at the service of architects and installers in order to engineer and specify home technology systems.

Our team of engineers has years of on-the-job experience in designing, installing or servicing systems. We offer this accumulative knowledge to our partners in technical design and commissioning of their home technology projects.

ArataService offers a wide range of state-of-the-art technology integration services and prides itself on quality products, quality installation and excellent customer service.

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