Dreaming up a private ICE Cinema...

30th September 2022

A customer with a dream

Glenn has been a loyal Genesis HTA installation partner for over 10 years. Being an expert in home control, lighting and multi-room audio using Control4, Triad, Origin and Stealth Acoustics he is trusted by customers and builders in and around Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol. But when he came to us at Genesis HTA a while back he had a specific request…

“I have a customer with a dream… A dream of building the best possible private cinema at the heart of his 2000 m2 home. 

*A home that was already equipped with one of the largest Control4 control, multiroom and lighting control systems deployed.

That is when we knew this was going to be a unique project and required our project & design team to get involved…

Designing the dream

Together with the customer and his interior design team we started the design process.

We always start from the room (dimensions, specifications, possibilities,..) and then ask the customer – and in this case interior designer – if there are any aesthetics and/or layout requirements. Browsing through our ICE inspiration gallery they opted for a Guadí- inspired wooden interior designed by Victor Perez from Ctrlb for a previous project years back.

From there we worked together with the interior design team to render the (white renders) layout and defined what materials could be used to allow for a high performance, yet beautiful ICE space.

The next step was to include the engineering team and map the audio and video for the space. Because the customer insisted on maximum audio quality and performance we included the team at Steinway Lyngdorf in this phase.


Home technology systems are all about engineering and using high quality building blocks. Very similar to how architects select materials to create their designs. Our fine selection of technology building blocks allows us to partner with some of the best installers of technology.

The world´s most sophisticated sound solution.
In simplest terms, Steinway Lyngdorf have rewritten the rule book for what is required to achieve pure, accurate sound quality in any environment.
For connoisseurs of the finest sound.

Your home. Simplified.
One simple-to-use system, that makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easy to enjoy.
With Control4 Smart Home OS 3, you and your family can control nearly every device and system in the house in ways that are easy and fun to use.
Neeo just might be the most beautiful and personalized remote you’ve seen yet.

Services & Tools

As a B2B engineering company with a product offering we offer our partners a number of unique services and tools. Our mission is to simplify and beautify every home technology project we are involved with. From the first experience over to the engineering and installation all the way through the aftercare.

Here are some of the tools and services:

We have team members and software tools available at the service of architects and installers in order to engineer and specify home technology systems.

Our team of engineers has years of on-the-job experience in designing, installing or servicing systems. We offer this accumulative knowledge to our partners in technical design and commissioning of their home technology projects.

People want to experience before they buy. People want tailored solutions to fit their home. VIPLounges.club is our network of experience centers where the magic happens.

The ultimate expression of private cinema.
ICE cinemaTM is the golden standard of technology and design working together in harmony to deliver world-class home entertainment.
Your ICE cinema will be your new favourite room.

Delivering the best in Home cinema, Hi Fi and the most complete smart home integration.

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