Our Manifesto


Hi 👋🏻, we are Genesis, Home Technology Architects (HTA) and this is our Manifesto 📗.

The Genesis, Home Technology Architects (HTA) Manifesto is our written declaration of purpose, intentions, vision, virtues and it is meant to clarify:

👉 who we are

👉 who we want to be

👉 where we are going

👉 how we will get there

This is a living document and is used as a compass 🧭 for new ideas, hard choices and decisions big and small.

We love 💚 to hear and learn from you as a reader, member of the tribe, partner, fan or anyone else.

This is a story about people and we are always learning from the world around us.

💚 Virtues, not values

Values reflect what you BELIEVE.

Virtues reflect what you DO.

Who you are is not the values you list on the wall. It is not what you say in a company-wide meeting. It is not your marketing campaign. It is not what you believe.

We are what we do.
We celebrate and embrace these 8 Virtues:

1. Be a Mensch.

We commit to being decent and honourable people. Respect, trust and loyalty. #honour

2. Who you are = what you DO.

Actions matter more than words. #culturecode

3. Ambition & Learning.

We are ambitious and compete against our past selves. We grow by challenging ourselves. #growthmindset

4. Collaborative Partnerships.

We invest in long-term win-win relationships with our partners. #strongertogether

5. Freedom & Responsibility.

We operate autonomously and take full responsibility for our work. #autonomousflight

6. Candor.

We tell it like it is. The good and the bad. Direct and straight communication is a sign of respect. #nobullshit

7. Impact & Pareto

Impact and progress is what we are after. Pareto is the way, seeking perfection is a black hole. #getshitdone

8. Story about people

We care about people and go the extra mile for those around us. #storyaboutpeople


We build 🏗 our culture daily

👉 Make it Real: We live by this code. These are not simple slogans on a wall.

👉 Celebrate Behaviour: We congratulate, celebrate, highlight actions that embody our culture code.


= The reasons we exist beyond making money.

As an individual

We build better #People. = Our company is a vehicle for self-development.

We are a people-first company.

We believe our company is a vehicle for self-development by way of:

  • a work environment that is based on respect and trust
  • opportunities that challenge us to leave our comfort zone
  • coaching
  • deep commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement from each and everyone


As a team

Together we are on a mission to become a #smallGIANT 🦖.
= We are building the best small company we can possibly be. Together.

We have a start-up mentality *(#speed and #ambition)* and are a diverse tribe of ordinary people *(#nostars)* with a growth mindset. We have chosen to achieve extraordinary things. Together.

There is nothing we cannot achieve as a team if we put our hearts and minds to it. #shootforthestars

As a high performance team we are committed to winning. Winning is always done together.


For our partners

We build #Partnerships in #Growth.

= we look for partners to achieve growth and success together.

We are building a better future long-term together with our partners.

We believe technology in premium homes is a massive opportunity to improve the way we live, work, learn and play. (#ourvisionofthefuture)

We are a B2B trade supplier of premium technology products and engineering services. (#pureplayB2B; #tradesupplier; #engineers)

We believe in growing together with our partners and sharing successes and failures.

Customer Lifetime Value and Net Promoter Score are the key metrics we use to measure success.

We believe in growing together with our partners and sharing successes and failures.


For the world around us

We #payitforward

= we are not owners but stewards. Building a better and sustainable future starts with paying it forward.

As a company we are committed to building a better and sustainable future together.

We do that by “paying it forward” = sharing with others what we ourselves have been fortunate to receive, create and encounter along the way. Our successes, company, knowledge and resources are not ours to hold onto, but to share with and pass onto others.

Particular attention goes to:

– empowering individuals: through new opportunities via education or business
– positive climate change: through the use of technology in and around the home



We are Genesis Home Technology Architects

We work with partners to make WOW the standard
in homes of tomorrow

We simplify how technology is designed, delivered, and serviced in premium homes of tomorrow to elevate the way we Live, Learn, Work and Play.

⛳️ 3-year Goals 🏔🏔🏔

Qualitative Goals 🏔

  • Be a W🤩W place to work #internalNPS
  • Be a W🤩W business partner for customers and suppliers #partnerNPS
  • Be a W🤩W small company (=be a #smallGIANT) within our industry and community
  • Make W🤩W the standard in #homesoftomorrow.
  • Be a #marketmaker creating and leading the growth of our industry and our partners
  • Offer #engineering and #training #services for professionals

Quantitative Goals 🏔

  • 3X (triple) #PLTV #partneroftoday #LifeTimeValue (Partner LifeTime Value 2021 vs 2024)
  • 10000 1M+ homes in our eco-system #homesoftomorrow #OvrC
  • 1000 high-quality HTA-certified #installation partners
  • 100 #specification partners we co-design projects with
  • 15 Million € revenue
  • 10% revenue from services
  • 2 Million € profit

🧑‍🎤 Marketing Strategy

Target Market - The list

  • Genesis HTA Team
    • see website – https://genesis-hta.eu/people/
  • Sales & Installation partners (=HTA´s from PartnerZone)
    • professionals who sell, design, install and service home technology
  • Technology partners (suppliers)
    • strategic partners (deep and long term partnerships)
    • product partners (to complete our solutions)
  • Specification partners
    • Builder / Promoters
    • Architects
    • Technical Specifiers
  • Home Owners
    • Every user of a Genesis Home Technology Architects system installed by our partners

Value Proposition

  • Business success for our Genesis Home Technology Architects Partners
  • Simplify always for everyone involved (incl. supplier and home owner)
  • Share knowledge (Business & Technology best practices)

3 Uniques

  • We are #engineers who have been installers of technology ourselves.
  • We design & deliver #systems and #projects.
  • We invest in people and partnerships. #LifeTimeValue

🦖The face of Success in 2024 🏔🏔🏔

1. Happy & Successful #people

As a company we produce happy and successful people.

We consider ourselves successful as a team if everyone is highly motivated because of these 3 reasons:

  1. Always Learning (believe in the power of «not yet» and «what if«)
  2. Belongs to the Tribe (feels part of this unique team of normal people doing extraordinary things)
  3. Intrinsic Motivation (you love to «show up for work«)

If we ask ourselves and each other the above 3 questions we know if we are on the right track.

2. Happy & Successful #partners

Partners feel happy doing business with us.

  • We want to be an Easy, Fast, and Fun partner. (#NetPromoterScore)
  • Grow PLTV and the # of Home Technology Architect Partners (Partner LifeTime Value 2021 vs 2024)
    • all partners: customers, suppliers and specifiers

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